The Association for Legal and Social Philosophy was founded in 1972 as a forum to debate philosophical issues of legal, moral and social concern. Today, members come from academic departments of philosophy, law and political science.

The Association produces a quarterly journal, 
Res Publica (founded in 1995 and now published by Springer).  

Since its inception, the Association has organised an annual conference, and these have grown considerably in size and visibility in recent years. The
2014 conference will be hosted by the University of Leeds. Members also convene occasional one-day workshops.

This (provisional) site gives details of past and forthcoming events of the Association, as well as information on how to join.

Society Executive

Gideon Calder, University of South Wales (President)
Philip Cook, University of Edinburgh (Res Publica Co-Editor)
Jurgen De Wispelaere, McGill University (Research Officer)
Sune Lægaard, University of Roskilde (Res Publica Co-Editor)
Cillian McBride, Queen's University, Belfast (Secretary)
Enzo Rossi, University of Amsterdam (Communications Officer)
Jonathan Seglow, Royal Holloway, University of London (Committee Member)

Forthcoming events

ALSP Annual Conference 2014
1-2 July, University of Leeds
Keynote speakers: Jennifer Saul, Jeff Spinner-Havel
Organisers: Kerri Woods, Derek Edyvane

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Past events

2013, Stirling University
'Combining Theory and Practice'
Keynote speakers: Bob Goodin, Serena Olsaretti
Organisers: Rowan Cruft, Ben Saunders

2012, Queen's University, Belfast
Keynote speakers: Richard Bellamy, Philip Pettit
Organisers: Keith Breen, Cillian McBride

2011, University of Warkick
'Democracy, Legitimacy and Rights'
Keynote speakers: Thomas Christiano, Antony Duff
Organiser: Dean Machin

University of Southampton
'The Future(s) of Democratic Citizenship'
Organiser: Christopher Armstrong

2009, University of Edinburgh
'Ethics for the 21st Century'
Organiser: Cecile Fabre

2008, University of Nottingham
‘Global Justice’
Organisers: Mathew Humphrey, Lucy Sargisson

2007, Keele University
'Aliens and Nations: Citizenship, Sovereignty and Global Politics in the 21st Century'
Organisers: Monica Mookherjee, Glen Newey

2006, University College Dublin
'Social Justice in Practice'
Organisers: Jurgen de Wispelaere, Graham Finley, Carlos Bruen

University of Strathclyde
'Freedom of Expression: Counting the Costs'
Organiser: Glen Newey

2004, University of Wales, Newport (now University of South Wales)
Organiser: Gideon Calder

2003, University of Newcastle
'Disagreement, Dissent and Disobedience'
Organiser: Peter Jones

2002, Royal Holloway, University of London
Organiser: Jonathan Seglow

2000, University of Exeter
'The Culture of Toleration'
Organisers: Dario Castiglione, Catriona McKinnon

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Members of the Association receive Res Publica four times a year, and are entitled to attend the Annual Conference at a discounted rate.  

Membership costs £35 a year or £20 for students and the unwaged. You can download a membership form here.

Membership options
 Completed membership forms and payment receipts should be emailed to Cillian McBride


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